Hello, I am Sarah.  Welcome to my little piece of the web, Craftsessive. 

I have been a crafter at heart all my life, but haven't always been able to put my time or energy into crafting. In college I discovered a love and passion for kntiting, but as I have gotten older, I haven't always had the time to invest in knitting as a craft, and picked up many others along the way. 


For quite sometime in the way back machine, I had a knitting video podcast, but adult life got to crazy to maintain it. Even with life being crazy still as a wife, mom (and fur mom) who works full time, I have a better handle on how to organize my life. So thus Craftsessive was born, this will be my "multi-craftual" site and YouTube channel to share my love of various crafts as well as some other life joys as well!