About Craftsessive


   I have always loved crafting, to the point where i have probably tried or would be willing to try anything I can crafty related. Heck, I even made massive penny art in any room of my house I could when I was a kid. (Ask my parents, there was a heck of a Santa with reindeer penny piece for awhile).   I never really found my true calling for crafting until I was in college and learned out to knit.   Knitting has by far been the most impactful and long lasting craft of my life.  I started knitting in 2008, and it let me to have a knitting podcast for abit.  As life got busier I didn't have time to keep up with podcasting anymore. In that time, I moved 4 times and had a baby in Jan 2019.  I am really exicted to bring a element of virtually sharing crafting again and started the Craftsessive Vlog in May of 2019. 

Some disclaimers: 

I may participate in some affilicate programs, this will always be noted in any links. 

Any reviews I do are only of my opinion and I will not promote or recommend a product I would not personally use. 

To reach me with questions, please contact me at  craftsessive @ yahoo.com

Thank you,

Sarah B.